Ceiling Curtain Tracks

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Transform your living space with the right ceiling curtain track. In this roundup, we’ve handpicked the best ceiling curtain tracks on the market today. From sleek and modern designs to functional and versatile options, we’ve got you covered with our top picks. Get ready to elevate your curtains and your interiors with our expertly curated list of must-have ceiling curtain tracks.

The Top 10 Best Ceiling Curtain Tracks

  1. Back2Basics Slim-Line Ceiling Track for Curtains — Experience ultimate discretion with the Back2Basics Slim-Line Ceiling-Mount Track for a seamless hanging solution, perfect for both home and office, featuring a natural/milled finish and rated for weights up to 65 lbs.
  2. Premium Ceiling Curtain Track Set for Versatile Room Dividing and Accessories — Transform your living space with this easy-to-install, versatile, and elegantly designed ceiling curtain track set, perfect for multiple applications and compatible with a variety of curtains, shower curtains, and room dividers.
  3. InStyleDesign Adjustable Room Divider Track Kit (Up to 36ft) for Drapes and Curtains — Divide your space with ease using the InStyleDesign Multi-Purpose Room Divider Ceiling Track Kit, the versatile and sleek solution for all your room dividing needs.
  4. UrbanRed Ceiling Curtain Track for Bunk Beds and RVs — Increase your space and privacy with this flexible, multi-purpose ceiling curtain track, suitable for room dividers, RVs, bunk beds, and more. Perfect for any room layout and easy installation with included hardware and mounting brackets.
  5. 164ft Aluminum Ceiling Curtain Track for Room Dividers — Bikykose Curtain Track: A versatile, easy-to-install ceiling curtain track solution for room dividers, grommet style curtain panels, and various spaces with durable, rust-resistant aluminum alloy construction.
  6. Super More 5 Meter Bendable Ceiling Curtain Track — Experience a seamless, versatile, and stylish solution to your privacy needs with our Ceiling Curtain Track, featuring a bendable design, sturdy construction, and easy installation.
  7. Flexible Bendable Ceiling Curtain Track for RV and Curtain Spacer — Bend and adapt to fit any window with this versatile 5m Ceiling Curtain Track, perfect for RV and Curtain Track System needs.
  8. Jos & Haz 3ft-16.4ft Ceiling Curtain Track — Transform your living space with the Jos & Haz Ceiling Curtain Track Set — a luxurious, heavy-duty, and easy-to-install ceiling curtain solution for any room or setting.
  9. Jr Products 80291 Ceiling Curtain Track: Modern Solution for Home Decor — Upgrade your home’s style with the Jr Products 80291 Ceiling Track Type C, a sleek 96-inch white track perfect for hanging curtains and adding elegance to any space.
  10. Heavy-Duty Ceiling Curtain Track for Living Room or Bedroom — Transform your living or bedroom space with the durable and aesthetic ZSHINE Curtain Single Tracks Ceiling or Wall Mounting Heavy-Duty Curtain Rails, ensuring smooth operation and exceptional safety features.

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Back2Basics Slim-Line Ceiling Track for Curtains

Back2Basics Slim-Line Ceiling Track for Curtains | Image

The Back2Basics Slim-Line Track is a stylish solution for hanging curtains or other lightweight items without sacrificing space. Its ultra-thin design is perfect for both residential and commercial settings, providing a sturdy support for items weighing up to 65 lbs.

With pre-drilled holes, the installation process is simple, just remember that you’ll need 8 anchors or screws not included with the track. Choose between Ball-End Cable, Cobra Cable, or Ball-End Rod hangers and select a compatible hook to complete your setup. The natural and milled color options provide a subtle, elegant look.

Premium Ceiling Curtain Track Set for Versatile Room Dividing and Accessories

Premium Ceiling Curtain Track Set for Versatile Room Dividing and Accessories | Image

Introducing the versatile Ceiling Curtain Track Set, designed for a seamless and elegant appearance in your home. This easy-to-install set features 6-foot-long tracks that can be cut according to the width of your window, with sturdy rollers and numerous hooks to secure your curtains effortlessly. The elegant design is crafted from commercial-grade aluminum and includes everything needed for installation, from wall and ceiling mounting brackets to end caps.

Available for various applications such as living rooms, bedrooms, closets, and showers, this set can also create a stunning home theater setup with optional double rail ceiling mounts or large wall mounts. Designed for multiple environments and styles, the Ceiling Curtain Track Set ensures a perfect fit and smooth operation. Perfectly suitable for draperies, room dividers, RVs, privacy spaces, and more, with additional accessories available for purchase.

InStyleDesign Adjustable Room Divider Track Kit (Up to 36ft) for Drapes and Curtains

InStyleDesign Adjustable Room Divider Track Kit (Up to 36ft) for Drapes and Curtains | Image

Using the InStyleDesign ceiling track, I transformed a blank living space into a haven that felt like my very own. No more clutter or untidiness, this track kit was a lifeline to those in need of a discreet space to house their belongings. The 5.0 rating stands as testimony to this product’s ease-of-use, durability, and elegance.

I can tell you — anyone with a bit of DIY spirit in them will be able to tackle this project.

UrbanRed Ceiling Curtain Track for Bunk Beds and RVs

UrbanRed Ceiling Curtain Track for Bunk Beds and RVs | Image

The UrbanRed Ceiling Curtain Track is an incredibly versatile addition to your home, suitable for use as a room divider, RV curtain track, bunk bed curtains, and even in hospitals. Its flexible design allows it to accommodate a variety of window shapes and sizes, making it a popular choice for those seeking an adaptable curtain track system.

One great feature of this product is its ability to be cut down to the desired size, which comes in handy when trying to fit the track into tight spaces or for customizing the length to accommodate specific windows. Additionally, the track is easy to install with snap-on brackets and slide-on track rollers, making it perfect for customers who may not be experienced with complicated systems.

Despite having a high maximum weight recommendation of 15 kilograms, the UrbanRed Ceiling Curtain Track is lightweight and can be effortlessly adjusted to fit various room configurations. A unique selling point is that the product can be extended to form one continuous track or cut down to the desired size, providing the user with maximum flexibility in designing their space.

Though the product may be considered a budget-friendly option, it boasts sturdy construction and durability, thanks to its high-quality PVC plastic material that keeps it flexible but without compromising its strength. Furthermore, the track can be used in various settings and, due to its customizable nature, offers instant privacy.

Some customers may find that the installation process is a bit tricky, but the product comes with detailed installation instructions and a helpful how-to-install video, ensuring that even first-time users can easily set it up. Overall, the UrbanRed Ceiling Curtain Track stands out for its adaptability, affordability, and user-friendly features, making it a well-rounded curtain track system solution.

164ft Aluminum Ceiling Curtain Track for Room Dividers

164ft Aluminum Ceiling Curtain Track for Room Dividers | Image

Imagine having a stylish and versatile ceiling curtain track that can easily transform your space with its elegant design. The Bikykose Curtain Track is an all-in-one curtain track solution, perfect for creating room dividers in any space. Made from high-quality commercial-grade aluminum alloy, it is sturdy, rust-resistant, weather-resistant, and incredibly durable.

With the Bikykose Curtain Track, you’ll receive a 164ft ceiling curtain track in silver aluminum, along with 40 rollers, 42 iron curtain hooks, and additional brackets, end covers, and wall hooks. The installation process is a breeze, with detailed instructions included, and customer support always available for any issues that arise.

Whether you’re looking to add privacy to a bedroom, enhance your living room’s coziness, or divide spaces in a commercial setting, the Bikykose Curtain Track is an ideal choice. Take advantage of its multi-purpose use and effortless installation, and let your imagination run wild with the endless possibilities it brings to your living and working spaces.

Super More 5 Meter Bendable Ceiling Curtain Track

Super More 5 Meter Bendable Ceiling Curtain Track | Image

This versatile ceiling curtain track is the perfect addition to any room, easily providing the desired privacy. It boasts an excellent quality and sturdiness, ensuring a seamless operation when opening or closing curtains or drapes. The coating on both the inside and outside of the curtain track is an added bonus, ensuring durability.

One of the highlights of this product is the ease of installation, accompanied by a simple setup process that makes it a breeze to customize. The track itself can be easily cut to size, providing even more flexibility when accommodating various room dimensions.

The silent sliding of the curtain track is another key feature that sets it apart from other products in its category, allowing for a more discreet and peaceful experience. Additionally, the unique track and hook system ensures that even with multiple users, no one will be disturbed by the opening or closing of curtains.

Overall, this ceiling curtain track is an excellent choice for any room that requires privacy, providing a stylish and practical solution to your curtains or drapes. With a 4.0 rating and glowing reviews, it’s clear that customers are thrilled with its performance and features.

Flexible Bendable Ceiling Curtain Track for RV and Curtain Spacer

Flexible Bendable Ceiling Curtain Track for RV and Curtain Spacer | Image

I’ve been using the Flexible Bendable Ceiling Curtain Track in my RV, and it’s been a game-changer for my privacy and ease of use. This track system boasts a curved design that fits a variety of window shapes, and it’s super durable — no more worrying about cracks or breaks! Cutting it to size is a breeze, and the installation process is straightforward as well.

The track rollers reduce noise when sliding the curtains, and the iron hooks and end covers provide a polished look. However, the maximum weight recommendation of 33 pounds may limit its use for larger curtains or drapes.

Overall, this Ceiling Curtain Track is a smart and flexible solution for any RV dweller looking to enhance their privacy and convenience.

Jos & Haz 3ft-16.4ft Ceiling Curtain Track

Jos & Haz 3ft-16.4ft Ceiling Curtain Track | Image

Experience luxurious living with Jos & Haz’s Ceiling Curtain Track Set. Made with high-grade materials for durability and resistance to wear and weather, the commercial-grade aluminum alloy construction is sure to impress. The elegant design includes unique orbital groove for smooth operation, electroplated chrome end caps, and mounting brackets that make a stunning statement.

This versatile track is perfect for use in various rooms, including living spaces, bedrooms, and even shower areas. With its easy installation process and wide range of applications, this ceiling-mounted curtain track will be the centerpiece of your dream home.

Jr Products 80291 Ceiling Curtain Track: Modern Solution for Home Decor

Jr Products 80291 Ceiling Curtain Track: Modern Solution for Home Decor | Image

I recently purchased the Jr Products 80291 Ceiling Track Type C in a stylish white hue to give my living space a fresh and modern look. The installation process was a breeze, taking only 0.25 hours, and it was compatible with RV interior doors. The 96-inch total length of the track provided enough space to hang my curtains and other accessories with ease.

Although the product was easy to install and looked great in my home, I did notice that the provided mounting hardware was not included. However, the Type C style of the track was a standout feature, as it perfectly matched the design of my curtains and other accessories. Overall, this ceiling track was a great addition to my home and did not disappoint in terms of style and functionality.

Heavy-Duty Ceiling Curtain Track for Living Room or Bedroom

Heavy-Duty Ceiling Curtain Track for Living Room or Bedroom | Image

Brighten up your living space with ZSHINE’s heavy-duty aluminum curtain rails. Designed for hanging pencil pleat curtains with hooks processing, these rails are both versatile and stylish. Boasting a load capacity of 40 KG, they offer a smooth and quiet sliding experience, due to their low-friction runners. However, safety comes first — these curtain rails cannot be mounted on drywall.

As experts in the industry with over 10 years of experience, ZSHINE has been producing products such as cloth curtains, curtain rods, and various types of blinds. Their extensive collection speaks to their commitment to quality and variety. The rails come in a customizable size, taking into account the rail length and decorative caps, ensuring a perfect fit for your space.

Each purchase includes 2 pcs of 3.3 FT rails, 16 pcs of runners, 2 pcs of seal cover, 4 pcs of wall-mounted brackets, 4 pcs of ceiling-mounted brackets, and 3 bags of screws. Remember, these rails are meant for ceilings, so make sure to secure them properly to avoid any accidents or damage. Overall, ZSHINE’s heavy-duty curtain rails deliver both style and function, making them a worthwhile addition to your home.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive buyer’s guide for ceiling curtain tracks. In this section, we’ll cover the essential features, considerations, and advice that will help you make an informed decision when purchasing a ceiling curtain track. We’ll explain the benefits of these tracks, how they operate, and what factors to consider before making a purchase. Let’s get started!


What is a Ceiling Curtain Track?

A ceiling curtain track is a system used to hang and operate curtains from the ceiling. It provides a stylish and functional solution for controlling light and privacy in a room. Ceiling curtain tracks can be used with various curtain styles, including stationary, light filtering, and blackout curtains. The tracks are typically made of metal or plastic and come in various lengths and finishes to suit different room styles and designs.

Benefits of Ceiling Curtain Tracks

There are several benefits to using a ceiling curtain track, including improved functionality, ease of use, and aesthetic appeal. Some of the advantages include:

  1. Improved light control: Ceiling curtain tracks allow you to control natural light effectively, keeping your room bright and airy during the day or creating a cozy atmosphere at night. 2. Enhanced privacy: By covering the entire window, ceiling curtain tracks provide superior privacy, making them an excellent choice for homes and offices. 3. Modern design: Ceiling tracks offer a sleek, contemporary look that complements various room styles and designs. They are available in a range of finishes, colors, and materials, allowing you to choose one that suits your specific needs.

Types of Ceiling Curtain Tracks

Ceiling curtain tracks come in different types, designed to cater to various needs and preferences. Some of the most common types include:

  1. Continuous tracks: These tracks are suitable for larger windows or those with multiple panels, as they allow the curtains to slide smoothly from one end to the other. 2. Single track with a carrier: This type of track is ideal for smaller windows or those with only one panel, as the curtain slides on the carrier attached to the track. 3. Tensioned tracks: These tracks are designed to be more precise and offer a smoother operation compared to continuous tracks.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Ceiling Curtain Track

When purchasing a ceiling curtain track, consider the following factors to ensure you make the right choice for your needs:

  1. Size and shape of your window: Measure your window accurately and select a track that is long enough to cover it. 2. Number of panels: Determine the number of curtain panels you will need based on the size of your window and the type of curtain you plan to use. 3. Curtain weight: Consider the weight of your curtains to ensure the track you choose is strong enough to support them. 4. Material and finish: Choose a material and finish that match your room’s style and decor. 5. Mechanism: Select a mechanism that is easy to use and maintain, such as a spring-loaded or cord-operated track.


What is a Ceiling Curtain Track?

A ceiling curtain track is a system designed to hang curtains, drapes, or blinds on the ceiling instead of the traditional rod near the window. This innovative solution offers a visually appealing alternative, providing a seamless look while maximizing space and light. The track is typically mounted to the ceiling, and the curtains or blinds are attached to the track using hooks or carriers.

Ceiling curtain tracks are available in various materials, sizes, and styles, making them suitable for different types of spaces and décor, including residential and commercial settings. They are also available in different colors and finishes to blend in with the existing room décor or create a bold statement.


What are the benefits of using a Ceiling Curtain Track?

There are several advantages to using a ceiling curtain track over traditional rod systems. Firstly, they provide a sleek and modern look, making a style statement in any room. Secondly, ceiling curtain tracks maximize space, as they allow for larger curtains or blinds without obstructing the floor or walls. This is particularly beneficial in smaller rooms or areas with limited floor space. Thirdly, they allow for a more uniform distribution of light, as they extend the curtain or blind further from the window, diffusing sunlight and creating a softer ambiance.

Additionally, ceiling curtain tracks are generally easier to install than traditional rod systems, as they require minimal DIY skills and can be mounted to the ceiling with little to no permanent changes. This makes them a popular choice for those with limited home improvement experience or for those looking for an easy update to the room.

How do I measure for a Ceiling Curtain Track?

Measuring for a ceiling curtain track is a straightforward process. First, measure the width of the window or the wall you are hoping to cover with the curtain or blind. To do this, use a measuring tape, ensuring that you measure from one side of the window or wall to the other. Next, add 6–10 inches (15–25 cm) to the measured width, depending on the style and drapery type you prefer. This additional length will account for the drapes or blinds opening and closing mechanism.

Once you have the final measurement, it is essential to double-check your calculations to ensure accuracy. Be sure to account for any obstructions, such as light fixtures or ceiling fans, that may be in the way. Finally, ensure that the ceiling or wall is sturdy enough to support the weight of the curtains or blinds before installing the ceiling curtain track.


What types of curtains or blinds can I use with a Ceiling Curtain Track?

The versatility of ceiling curtain tracks allows for a variety of curtains and blinds to be used with them. The most common are sheer curtains, cellular shades, and roller blinds, as they are lightweight and easy to maneuver. However, heavier drapes, such as velvet or tapestry, can also be used with a ceiling curtain track.

The type of curtain or blind you choose will depend on your personal style preferences, the room’s lighting, and your privacy needs. Sheer curtains provide soft light and create a subtle statement, while cellular shades and roller blinds offer privacy and energy efficiency. Velvet and tapestry drapes, on the other hand, provide a luxurious and opulent look, making them perfect for formal spaces or a more dramatic statement.

How do I install a Ceiling Curtain Track?

Installing a ceiling curtain track can be done with minimal DIY skills and requires only a few tools, such as a drill, screwdriver, and a measuring tape. The basic steps involve selecting a suitable location for the track, measuring accurately, and mounting the track securely to the ceiling using screws or brackets.

Most ceiling curtain tracks come with comprehensive installation instructions, including diagrams and step-by-step guides. It is essential to follow these instructions carefully, ensuring that the track is level and securely attached to the ceiling. Additionally, it is crucial to ensure that the weight of the curtains or blinds will not compromise the track’s stability, and to periodically check the track’s security to maintain its appearance and functionality.

Can a Ceiling Curtain Track be customized to match my décor?

Yes, ceiling curtain tracks can be customized in various ways to match your décor. They are available in different materials, such as aluminum, brass, or steel, in various finishes like chrome, gold, or bronze. This allows you to choose a track that complements your existing room décor or creates a bold statement.

Additionally, some manufacturers offer custom-colored ceiling curtain tracks, allowing you to match the track to your room’s color scheme. In some cases, it is also possible to have a bespoke ceiling curtain track designed and manufactured to achieve a unique and personalized look. Consult with your chosen supplier to discuss your requirements and explore the available options.

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